Our Projects - 2hotfilms
2HOTFILMS is an award-winning independent production company with offices in London & Toronto.
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Our Projects


Picture Less Perfect

Haunted by visions, a newlywed discovers that a murder was committed at her honeymoon her retreat. She decides to investigate when realising that solving the murder will unlock her true identity.

Hard Time Bus

After a rude awakening, Mark Bishop`s carefree and complacent lifestyle comes crashing back to reality, forcing him to make hasty plans to marry devoted girlfriend, Denise. He turns to best mate Fitzy for advice, only to be ridiculed for not following the ‘Fitzy Rules’ – “never marry and never settle”. Mark’s life begins to unravel as he tries to manage the expectations of those closest to him and soon learns that with complacency comes risk.

The Apostle

Rescued from an orphanage and raised in the ancient art of Montu, Garvey is sent to London by a secret African organisation tasked with finding and dismantling the corrupt individuals who plan on funding a military coup against one of Africa’s smaller nations.

Welcome to Happy Valley

A New York-city mob boss retires to a small town in South Africa to become a librarian, but he unknowingly invades the turf of a ruthless backwoods gang known as the Moonshine Mafia who are ready to rumble.

The Visitors

Recovering from postpartum psychosis and grieving the loss of her newborn,  Jess returns home to discover vermin in various guises are taking over her garden, but no one believes her. When pest control proves ineffective, Jess takes matters into her own hands but rats are not what she ends up catching.

The Bridge

In an ongoing effort to help raise awareness about mental health and end the stigma associated with mental illness, the short film “The Bridge” was created to aide Start-Again Project UK with their ongoing efforts to support young adults facing mental illness.